Summer Kaf Tray

“The Journey from Home to International”
Joud commenced its journey with its first idea, “Coaster Art,” whereby coasters placed adjacent to each other form a picture or design resembling a simple puzzle, resulted in a coaster not only to be functional, but also decorative. This stemmed from the idea where Deena Fadel thought, “Coasters have the right to look like a piece of art as well.”

Consequently, Coaster Art emerged. The idea which was the first of its kind world wide, was also featured in the design year book, which features the best product design innovations world wide. After the Coaster’N’Tray huge success, Deena was inspired to create more unique home products  aiming to offer unique products for customers locally and internationally.
The former name of Joud was “Table Compliments” when it first started, and Deena Fadel wanted a name that reflected the brand with deeper sense of meaning, and with her customers at the core of her business, “Joud” was selected for its originality and simplicity which means “Karam” in Arabic, translating to “Generosity”…
In 2011, Joud started selling through, and began distribution to various stores around Egypt, also investing in a Joud showroom and head office. And later through the year, Joud evolved into an international brand, featured in exhibitions around the world, in Paris, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,  Jordon, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Bahrain.
Joud evolved from a simple idea to a comprehensive brand and product line and took the journey from home to the rest of the world.

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