Lina Alorabi


Culture melt mirror

Lina Alorabi was born in Cairo, Egypt. She studied industrial design at the University for Creative Arts in Kent, UK. After graduating in 2005, she became a designer at Staubach + Kuckertz working with a team to create urban furniture for clients such as Wall AG and Metalco s.P.a. In 2009 she decided to explore new opportunities back in Cairo’s nascent design scene. Lina has had the opportunity to work with Egypt’s top designers and manufacturers as part of Rhimal design. At the German University in Cairo, she worked with aspiring young designers as part of the applied arts and sciences department. She is now a design consultant for various Egyptian companies and private clients.

Lina has lived in America, Europe and the Middle East. She aims to use her travel experiences to create modern designs that are comfortable and yet sample culture and tradition. In Egypt she has had the unique experience of working directly with craftspeople.

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