Sherine Nazmy

Sherine was born on June 16th in Greater Cairo, Egypt. She graduated with BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo and with the American system of education she was exposed to a wide variety of subjects like literature, arts, history, and film among many that gave her a different perspective. Sherine ambition to know more didn’t stop at her bachelor degree but did her postgraduate studies at the reputable University of Oxford, UK.

Sherine discovered her talent in her early 20s through attending art workshops in Cairo and taking active parts in while expressing her passion. She started with watercolor, came across oil, yet very swiftly fall in love with acrylic and mixed media.

With her very stressful daily work in banking for more than 13 years now, art has always been her gateway to relief herself from the endless stress. Art has been giving her the space to express the world in her own eyes away from the demanding life that requires proper planning and analysis. Sherine puts her energy, thoughts and feelings in her paintings, which give her joy to share these colored emotions with the rest of the world. Her early work expressed her Egyptian deep colorful perspective of nature, then she moved into a different North African life considering her frequent travels and love for the Moroccan culture.

Her aspiration to learn, understand, explore and discover more is her driver throughout her life since her childhood. Today, Sherine’s work is a mix of contemporary, abstract and subtle. Her paintings were exhibited recently in a few galleries and in group exhibitions mainly in Cairo and Dubai.

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