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Ariika is an Egyptian brand that started in 2011 by four students that attended the American University in Cairo(AUC).  it’s goal is to deliver innovative products like bean bags, floating mattresses, or travel pillows, with very reasonable prices. Ariika now is the largest bean bag brand in the MENA Region. Ariika was founded by Hassan, Shahir Arslan, Khaled Attallah, Mohamed Bahgat.

In 2011 Ariika focused on bean bags and its launch was in AUC. Ariika expanded its portfolio by 2012 to comfort products. By 2013 Ariika was already selling the bean bag for consumers and businesses alike, it opened up a new industry, bean bags were used as a promotional tool by large corporate. Companies like Pepsico, Coca Cola, Emaar, Palm Hills, Ahram beverages, and many more were lining up to purchase consumers favorite product. Organizations either printed on bean bags and distributed them on beaches, or used them for giveaways. in 2014 Ariika launched 4 stores, 3 seasonal ones and 1 in Cairo

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