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Skorpio Dining table

The passion for the family, for new ideas, for each project that becomes a piece of furniture, for the raw material that becomes an object, for the sea raised by the wind…. And for anything could be an icon for a reality in evolution.

Son of a famous carpenter in Thiene, small village near Vicenza, Mr. Giorgio Cattelan has grown up with the wooden flavor and the art of furniture creation. This is a tradition still alive in 5 out 6 brothers.
CATTELAN ITALIA was founded in 1979.  Started to introduce into the market small marble complements and table in different sizes for export markets. In 1989, in order to face market needs, the collection expanded offering dining tables, chairs, bookcases, and other complements. Working with all materials – wood, glass, metal, leather – with taste and style and a important attention to the comfort.
“the house is the icon of loved belongings – says Mr. Giorgio Cattelan – is a word where everybody want to be closed to comfortable elements. The “beautiful” for me is above all “functionality”.
Today Cattelan Italia is an icon in evolution, exporting to 150 Countries worldwide with more than 350 high qualified dealers; this company from Veneto is still in evolution opening new markets and consolidating the most strategic ones. It has a no borders distribution net which has the support of professional agents working in different markets.
For Cattelan Italia the sense of living the house and furnishing is something precious and spontaneous. It is design and a lot more. It creates a functional and beautiful lifestyle that gives the emotion of the research.  Cattelan Italia represents the essentiality through the furniture, complements, colors…solid fundaments like the history of the Company.

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