At Malaika we provide our customers with beautiful designs and luxury fabrics, but are equally concerned with the welfare of the individuals that collaborate in its creation. This thinking
has been at the forefront of the Malaika philosophy since it’s creation in 2004 with a model that allows women to take charge of their economic futures in a continually challenging social environment.

Malaika trains women to a high standard of embroidery and once they have finished their training they work from home, providing an opportunity to generate an income without disrupting traditional family patterns.

The fine quality of our bed linens and the nature of our production is proof that you do not have to sacrifice luxury when purchasing an ethical product.

Egyptian cotton is world renowned due to its very long staple that when woven produces a fine, smooth and durable fabric. The finer the threads, the higher the thread count possible. Thread count is the number of threads woven in one square inch of fabric, and is an important factor in indicating high quality bed linen fabric

At Malaika we are committed to supplying you with the most luxurious cotton Egypt has to offer.

We are currently using 200 and 400 thread count weave. We use Giza 88 and 86 combed cotton, which are the best quality extra-long staple fiber available in Egypt, producing an extremely fine weave. The end fabric is finished to the strictest Malaika standards. It is tightly woven, singed and mercerized, which makes the fabric softer and dimensionally stable. It is finished using a non chlorine bleaching process and an ultra soft softener. A remarkable quality of Egyptian cotton is that it becomes softer after every wash. Rest assured that you will know the difference when you sleep on Malaika cotton.

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