The EHEM concept occupies the unconventional space between finding new

meaning and appreciation for humble-found objects and creating experimental conceptual functional art. It is entrenched with creating one of a kind items which means designing, handcrafting and painting each piece with precision and attention to details. Buyers will know that when buying Ehem. they will have a product that had its time-in-the-making. Truly only theirs and there is someone out there with a strong bond with it. It’s not mass. It’s personal.

By Designer Maker Dina Naguib.

THIS IS NOT A PIPEPlumbing may be best left to the pros, but these pipes are a different story. The concept lies in finding new appreciation for the Piping Craft. Each one is handcrafted and repurposed into a one-off piece. Light fixtures are wired with cloth covered cords and vintage Edison style bulbs, making each one uniquely functional and beautiful. By Designer Maker Dina Naguib.

THE MEATLESS GRINDERcame to life from vintage grinders, painted, drilled and repurposed to become a lamp. Wired with cloth covered cords and vintage Edison style bulbs, and toggle switches. Hand crafted and painted, each one of the grinders is distinct and different from the other. There is a simple beauty in using traditional material in an unconventional way, in order to

create art and purpose utilizing the unexpected. By Designer Maker Dina Naguib.

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