Passion, purpose and love by design.

The Besconi concept is about translating the joy we experience into unique, limited-edition dayroom collections to convey the beauty of local artisanship with the power of innovation in design.

Besconi’s eclectic styles and materials come from a wide array of influences. While we seek to retain the richness and depth of our region, and styles from around the world, we are focused on creating contemporary design pieces with a European sensibility. Our studio propels Egyptian craftspeople to create original modern furniture, made with exceptional raw materials, using timeless techniques and finished to the highest standards.

We are a creation-centric design studio. All of our pieces are handmade every stage of production and hold a distinctive design direction. The Besconi approach is detail oriented, with each of our pieces meticulously crafted by our own in-house artisans from their very beginning to their completion.

Our quality is not a coincidence; it is the purposeful approach we take. In an industry awash with outsourcing and mass production so much of the beauty of a piece can be lost. All of our products are made in small batches, using no mass production techniques, understanding that the richest quality can only be achieved by caring about everything we create. In this way, beauty, care and ingenuity can be cultured together and reflected in everything that we make and do.

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