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Ruby Fires was founded by Wilfred Kos in 1994. He believed in the potential in the market for a decorative fire for homes without a flue-system. The philosophy of Ruby Fires is to bring warmth in a home, with the fire as a centerpiece, but in a safe way. Ruby Fires will always strive to create the perfect fire. For ceramic fires this means that safety comes first. With electric fires the objective is to create a fire as realistic as possible.

We always use our ambition and passion for innovation to achieve these goals. The Ruby Fires ceramic fires are the safest available on the market. However, this does not mean that research has stopped. We will keep on improving this system as technical developments will always continue. This is the same for electric fires. Another leap towards the most realistic electric fire was made with the introduction of the 3D fire. Quality comes first. This is why the production of the majority of our collection is in our own possession. We will continue to invest in the quality of our products.

This also means that we can react quickly to the demands from the market. Beside the traditional surrounds, our fires are frequently used in projects e.g. cabinets, tables and walls often in the catering industry. Our ambition to distribute the safest fire worldwide, seems no illusion. At present, Ruby Fires is active throughout Europe and has recently made the step overseas.

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